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Who’s the Boss?


When I was assigned in Cambodia, I used to stay right in front of a river. I saw the busy activities of Cambodians everyday along the river. One morning, I was so amazed when I got a glimpse of these perfect buddies. See just how cute and behave the dog is, while his best friend is rowing. So who’s the boss then? 🙂 Great Partners indeed! Who's the boss


Author: LysetteTL

Agriculturist by profession, loves adventure, photography, culinary and rural development work. A life full of God's blessings, to serve and be an agent of change.

8 thoughts on “Who’s the Boss?

  1. Nice shot for this challenge, Lysette.

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  3. Great partnership! 😀 Very nice capture.

  4. Such a magnificent photo; took my breath away.

    Your post deserves a ‘like’ and your blog deserves my ‘follow’. 🙂

    Have a great day!


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